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Short introduction

Zuna is a rapper from Dresden. He actually comes from Lebanon. Zuna is part of the KMN gang. His preferred musical style corresponds to street rap, although he also uses stylistic devices from the areas of dancehall and afrobeat.

Early life

His real name is Ghassan Zeatter. He was born on July 3, 1993 in Lebanon. He lived there until he was fifteen years old. His family fled Lebanon and came to Germany via France and Belgium. Together with his parents, he was hosted in a refugee house for a long time. It was not easy for him to become at home in Germany. Rap music helped him manage stress and problems.



After Zuna temporarily won his money in the drug business, the 17-year-old teenager joined the KMN gang, which had just founded. The first joint productions initially obtained a major success. The great advance came in 2015 with the song "Buck The Police" when he was able to reach a national audience for the first time. The same year, his first album "Planet Zuna" was published. The first year, it was placed in the German singles tables with the song "KMN". In February 2017, the rapper began working with the Dortmunder Yacine Dortmunder Miami-Moroccan. As a common production, the single "Cazal" was released, which did it in the Top 20. Meanwhile, Zuna has also become a wanted guest musician who launched projects with other musicians such as Bausa and Bra. 

Career highlights

Zuna has published four studio albums so far. The most successful were the album "Mele 7", which was published in 2017, number two in Germany, number four in Austria and number one in Switzerland and the album "Super Plus", published in 2019, with which he played in Germany and was number 1 in Austria and number 2 in Switzerland on album paintings. He received a Gold Award for the unique "number 1", which arising from a collaboration with KMN colleagues Noizy and Azet and was the first KMN project to do it in the first ten locations of German single tables. Zuna is a popular artist on Spotify. About 1.4 million users listen to its songs every month.  

Success tips

Zuna does not have a plan set to pass musically. It follows the rules applicable to rap songs. It does not understand this as rigid systems, but is also guided by intuition and emotions to create a song. With regard to the production of videos, Zuna is a beauty that is very interested in visual subtleties. He then works so meticulously that he looks closely with the scenes before filming and cross the shots in his head so that everything works perfectly and that his music colleagues imagined. In general, Zuna is a very worker worker in creating new songs. He also thinks that it is very important not to stay still, but to grow musically. On the one hand, he works hard to release a high quality song. On the other hand, it is also conscious that there is no perfect song. Tolerance for other people and other styles is important for Zuna. It is aware that everyone does not like his music, just as he does not like any other music.

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