Sky From Black Ink Crew Net Worth 2023

 Birthday: September 9, 1983Birthplace: Harlem New YorkEthnicity: Dominican & BlackChildren: 3Black Essay Crew has come one of VH1’s loftiest rated series. And the show has brought black tattoo artist to light. In a decade where tattooing has gone from taboo to being a definitive right of passage there are n’t a lot of black valued tattoo shops let alone black artist. But the show has put that to rest. Along with it comes a drama filled story line and some of the most precious characters on television.

Meet Sky the big mouth receptionist who brings the show to life with her sh*t starting and her own issues. The 33 time old reps Harlem to the fullest and has no shame in participating with the world her trials and agonies. Behind her hood address and no gibberish station is a broken women who's battling issues from her nonage. Sky revealed that she had 3 children that she gave up for relinquishment. She got pregnant when she was only 16 times old. But the relinquishment isn't commodity she regrets. Dealing with her mama’s absence has allowed Sky to understand that's better to make sure her children were in home where someone could be there for them. Sky also has a lot of tone- regard issues which might explain her arrogance. Last season the cameras followed her to get a butt implant in Miami. That same occasion showed Dutchess dipping into the lady pond withco-tattoo artist Donna. All of the baggage that Sky brings is one of the numerous angles that gives the show it’s high conditions. Which is why Sky is third loftiest paid on the show. Each occasion Sky brings in$. With 13 occurrences a season that’s$ a season. That’s a enough good living for sitting behind a office and starting drama. 

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