Kenya Moore Net Worth 2023

 Birthday: January 24, 1971

Birthplace: Detroit MichiganNet Worth: $7 millionOccupation: Actress, Model, Reality StarEducation: Wayne State UniversityKenya Moore was born in City City Detroit Michigan to the parents of Ronald Grant and Patricia Moore. His parents were both teenagers when he was born. Patricia lifted Kenya himself but because of his youth he could not fully take care of him which made Kenya raised by his father's mother, and Aunt Lori. His aunt was displayed on several episodes of Atlanta's real housewives and played an important role in Kenya's life.Kenya always argues that her mother never wants to be separated from her life. Shortly after Miss USA Historically won in 1993, Ms. Kenya Patricia gave an interview with the magazine of the person who said "the door for communication has and will always remain open [with Kenya] ... I pray for him. I hope he all luck and success at world. "Kenya proceeded to have an acting career with the role of guests in "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", "The Jamie Foxx shows" "Steve Harvey Show", "Girlfriends" "The Parkers" and a large number of other performances. He can also translate his television role into a leading film role. He starred in "Waiting to exhale", "Free us from Eva" and independent films such as "Trois".In 2014 he joined the actor of celebrity internships such as the actual housewife star and Nemesis Nene leaked. It has also been rumored to be working on a series of reality and scripted sitcom for one TV.Since he joined the player in season 5 Kenya Moore has become the center of all dramas in Atlanta's real housewives. His personal battles and cat fights with other actors have helped the series regain his ranking. The increase in ratings might explain why Kenya Moore was paid a $ 600K salary which was more than just the star of Pheredra and Cynthia Bailey who was in the series for 3 seasons. He is Miss USA 20 years ago but get a new crown as an Ultimate Hustler. His net worth in 2013 was $ 7 million which included his final salary increase. So what is needed to switch from a salary of $ 75k to almost 7 times in one year?In season 5 Kenya has a big fan following and apparently he knew his value. Moore and his management asked Bravo to a competitive increase compared to his star or he would come out of the door. It seems that Bravo did not hesitate because this series produced more than 3 million viewers every Sunday which drives advertising costs in the series to $ 100K per 30 seconds. The show is also an international hit in Brazil and the United Kingdom which reportedly has 4.2 million viewers collectively for both countries. It was even larger dollar signs for the network. This show is also a hit with internet viewers through upstream which also sends the bravo percentage of advertising revenue. Which might explain why Bravo offers Nene leaked $ 1 million from season 6.On top of the massive salary they also got $ 100k to record reunion events. Wow !!! Check the $ 600K payent might look like a lot but to the network it's only a small percentage of what the income network.Just imagine what Kenya might worn if he managed to reach the season 7!

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